This is the wiki for CENG114 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists taught by Prof Shyue Ping Ong. CENG114 is a core course required by UCSD's Department of Chemical Engineering. Topics covered include probability theory, conditional probability, Bayes theorem, random variables, densities, expected values, characteristic functions, central limit theorem, regression, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals. The emphasis is heavy on practical application of probability and statistics to engineering. See syllabus page for detailed outline.

Target audience

Based on previous years' experience, students come into this course with a broad spectrum of prior exposure to probability and statistics. As this is a core CENG114 requirement, my first priority is to provide a good basic grounding in probability and statistics for all students, especially those who have no prior exposure to these concepts. Unfortunately, this may mean that those who have taken AP Statistics or similar courses in high school will find this course elementary. I will attempt to make the course interesting for those with prior experience through optional challenge questions with bonus points.


  1. Digital Inclusive: Connect Access For Statistics For Engineers & Scientists (includes Ebook), 4 Edition, 9781260113433.

Note: You will need to purchase the digital inclusive version as we will be using the Connect system. I understand the cost is slightly high compared to buying second-hand textbooks, but I believe adopting these learning technologies will aid in achieving the education outcomes. For students with financial difficulties, please contact me directly and we can make arrangements for support via some other means. Please understand that I have limited capacity for financial aid for these materials (MH Education grants a few free licenses, nothing more), and I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in letting students who are truly in need benefit from these.


  • 5 problem sets (4% each)
  • 2 mid-terms (20% each)
  • 1 final (40%)

Winter 2018 admin

In addition to this wiki, new students for Winter 2018 should register for the following:
  1. Connect Website (mandatory): We will be using the site extensively for problem sets (with credit) and practice problems. The site also includes the ebook version of the textbook. Follow the instructions at this page. Once you have access to Connect, you can explore the eTextbook as well as the problem sets. If you face any problems with the website rendering, the first thing you should try is to download the latest Firefox browser and use that instead (I have personally tested that it works).
  2. Piazza Discussion Forum (optional, but recommended). Students are highly encouraged to actively use the Piazza online discussion forum to seek timely help on lectures, homework and past exams. Prof Ong and the TAs (and hopefully, fellow classmates) will respond to questions within a day, and usually within a few hours at most. This is not a replacement for office hours, which will still be conducted by the instructors, but rather is an additional resource for you. Sign up at piazza.com/ucsd/winter2018/ceng114.

Academic Integrity

I believe integrity is a fundamental virtue that all students are required to have. By integrity, I mean honesty, responsibility, and fairness. All students are evaluated rigorously on their merits alone. I highly encourage collaborative learning, and students are certainly welcome to work together on problem sets. But the final work must be yours alone.

I have a zero tolerance policy towards any form of cheating or plagiarism in the class. Any violations will be reported promptly to the Academic Integrity Office, and in addition, a score of 0 will be automatically given for the assignment/exam in question. For more information on the consequences of cheating, go here.

Additional Resources

If at any point in the course you find that you need additional help, please feel free to contact me and/or the TAs. We will be happy to discuss your situation. I would highly encourage you seek help earlier rather than sooner. For example, I have more scope to assist a student who requests for help in the first half of the quarter.

Also, the IDEA Learning Center, located in Jacobs Hall Room B805 (basement), offers free tutoring through the Learning Communities program. The IDEA Student Center is a hub for student engagement, academic enrichment, personal/professional development, leadership, community involvement, and a respectful learning environment for all. The Center offers a variety of programs, listed in the IDEA Center Facebook page at and the Center web site.

Course Calendar

This is the official course calendar. It will always be up to date with the latest lecture, office hour and exam times and locations. For a quick overview of all dates (including tentative mid-term dates), click on the "Agenda" view.

Instructors (Winter 2018)

Lecturer: Shyue Ping Ong (ongsp@eng.ucsd.edu)

Teaching assistants:
  1. Paul Lin (yul277@eng.ucsd.edu)
  2. Torus Washington (t2washin@eng.ucsd.edu)